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The Why

Who I Am

I have been a nurse for 17 years and a massage therapist for almost 2 years. The idea for BaseCamp386 was developed after my own cosmetic  surgical experience.   I took that experience and my skill set and developed a program that helps to make the post operative time easier to manage and helps develop the results you are looking to achieve.

My  —  




Hello and welcome.  BaseCamp386 Nursing Service is a nurse owned company with many faucets, designed with one goal in mind.  That goal is to provide quality care to those who utilize our services.  Our mission is to provide care, training, and education to our clients in the hope of creating and maintaining healthy lives. We help to deliver the post-op results that your physician promised you.  With a combination of nursing care, massage therapy, and personal training for mobility and stretching, you will see optimal results during your post-operative period.  And we bring the care to you. So no worrying about traveling during those weeks to follow surgery.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

Nursing Care

The weeks following surgery include needs such as wound care, incision site assessment, and help with everyday things such as bathing and dressing. We are there to help with those until mobility is easier.  Fifteen years of Critical Care nursing experience to support excellent outcomes.

Massage Therapy

Stress from surgery can cause strain on the lymphatic system, which increases swelling.  Lack of mobility can compound this problem. Massage therapy can help reduce swelling, reduce strain on the cardiovascular and lymphatic system, reduce stress and tension, and assist with contouring.  

Personal Training

Mobility, strength, and flexibility after surgery and in life are all important to continue to be active, healthy, and as injury prevention. With 2 Certified Personal Trainers on staff, we can meet those needs. Customized programs will give you the best success. No cookie cutter programs here. 

Post-Surgical Services

Surgery can be difficult. Everyday chores become too much to manage. We can help with that. We can do things to include: shopping, taking you to follow up doctor appointments, and even meal prep in your home. We also provide guidance with post-surgical shape wear.  You've invested in the surgery, don't hold back on investing after surgery. Recovering safely and with expert help will optimize your results.



Winston-Salem NC

Tel: 615-995-2351

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